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Pigskin Prep- The Definitive Youth Football Training Program


The ultimate guide
to injury prevention, speed development, and strength training for the “14 and under” youth football athlete


Sweat. Smiles.
Cheers. Tears.
Dirty faces. Dirtier uniforms.
Red cheeks. Black and blue bruises.
The thrill of victory. The agony of defeat.
These are all part of what make youth sports such a tremendously unique life experience. 

Within the first 37 words of his book, you get that Coach Ryan Burgess is a coach that "gets it" As a high school football coach, and someone who has spent years around coaches of all levels, you know there are the ones that "get it" and the ones that don't. 

Coach Burgess and his partner in writing the book, Coach King, have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training, and they have put together a CONCISE, INTERACTIVE, WELL THOUGHT OUT, COMPREHENSIVE training manual. 

For the authors/book's website, click here

A little bit about the authors:

Coach Ryan Burgess is the Director of Football Development at Fitness
Quest 10 in San Diego, California. A highly respected physical preparation
coach, Ryan has been a key figure in the growth of FQ10 since beginning
as an intern in 2006. Recently named one of the “Top 10 Training Facilities”
in the country by Men’s Health, Fitness Quest 10 continues to deliver
on its first class reputation. Under the leadership of gym owner Todd Durkin
and Coach Burgess, Fitness Quest 10 now has athletes represented on more
than half of the teams in the NFL, over 30 different college and junior college
programs, and countless high school and Pop Warner teams throughout San Diego County. Coach Burgess’ true passion is in developing athletes over the long haul, having taken multiple athletes from High School to the college level and beyond. Prior to his arrival in San Diego, Ryan studied at Colorado Sate University, earning a Bachelors of Science Degree with a concentration in Health Promotion, a specialized program that blends traditional classroom courses with internships and hands-on programs. In addition to earning his degree, Coach Burgess was an offensive lineman on the CSU football team under the leadership of legendary coach Sonny Lubick. When not coaching others, Coach Burgess continues to push the envelope in his own quest for high performance, competing in both Strongman and Powerlifting competitions since the fall of 2010. 

Coach Jeff King has been in the fitness profession for over 10 years. With a
bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of California-
Davis, and a graduate degree in Exercise Physiology from San Diego
State University, Coach King has a very strong scholastic background which
has allowed him to publish his research on “Plyometric Training for the High
School Population” in the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s
Journal of Strength and Conditioning; findings from his work are often
requested by researchers from around the world. In addition to his scholastic
accomplishments, Jeff has accumulated thousands of hours of practical experience training pre and post adolescent children as well as designing comprehensive programs for sporting coaches in multiple disciplines. For the past three years Coach King has utilized his personal and professional experiences in directing the Summer Camps at Fitness Quest 10, overseeing the training for youth athletes in multiple sports ranging in age from 8 to 18. Jeff’s passion is not just improving the athletic ability of young athletes but in sharing valuable lessons that will aid their life development outside the athletic arena. Above all Coach King believes in a systematic approach in training youth athletes resulting in long term success and is committed to helping every child he has the opportunity to lead. 

I have known Coach Burgess for a long time, and long respected what he has personally accomplished as well as the various endeavors he has put forth, most notably as well as his year long "Humanity WOD" endeavor, where he gives tips not only on physical achievement and success, but success as a human being (something all us coaches hope to inspire in our players). 

I have also used some of his training videos for my own blog, as well as workout programs for the offseason, as well as clinics and camps. I highlighted his work on my post about Combine Prep


This is the first time I have seen an endeavor put forth such as this and here are a few reasons why....

1) You are getting a YOUTH FOOTBALL based training program from start to finish
2) The program includes both written and video demonstrations of the exercises to be completed
3) It includes simple, easy to follow training tips, nutrition information, program and training philosophy
4) It is all put into format by esteemed trainers who train NFL PLAYERS on a regular basis but felt the need to transition this to the youth football enthusiast. 


To me, when I see youth football, I still see the old adages of toughening kids up, of running gassers or bear crawls until kids are ready to cry. Maybe this is from misinformation, or maybe it is from a lack of knowledge, or who knows, maybe there are even some sadistic youth coaches out there...but this is the opposite...This is a full program, from start to finish, to make your youth players the best on the field, to "toughen them up" while accomplishing something. This program is not a cakewalk, but it serves a purpose. And I cannot stress this enough.....

IT IS ALREADY COMPLETELY have to do no work but make it happen. 

This sample does not even begin to show the vastness of this work, there are 3 categories of kids, 9 and under, 10-13, and 13+, all with their own training schedule and exercises. 

Day 2
Dynamic Warm-Up
Cooperative-Based Game
Rock & Roll Stretch Windshield Wipers
Sit to Stand
Torso Twists
Arm Circles Hangdowns Balance Reach Line Drills
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
3 each side
5 each side 10 big 10 little 15 seconds

5 each side 15 seconds
4 min
Integrated Flexibility and
Movement Prep
Dirty Dogs
Hip Circles
Mountain Climbers Inchworms
Forward/Reverse Bear Crawls Orangutang’s
3D Skips
3D High Knees
Lateral Shuffles
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
5 each side
5 each side
20 seconds
10 yards
10 yards
10 yards
10 yard round trip 10 yard round trip 10 yards each side
10 min
Speed, Agility, and Quickness
Deceleration: Linear Deceleration: Reverse Deceleration: Lateral Cone Drills
4 4 4 1
5 yards 5 yards 5 yards 2 drills
2 min 2 min 2 min 4 min
Jump Training
Single Leg Broad Jump and Stick
1 1
2 2
5 jumps per leg 5 jumps per leg
2 triple jumps 2 triple jumps
1 min 1 min
2 min 2 min
Single Leg Lateral Jump and Stick
Triple Broad Jump
Triple Lateral Jump
Strength Training Circuit (2 times through)
Squat with Toss and Sprint Deadlift
McGill Sit-Ups
Stationary Lateral Lunges Loaded Carries
2 2 2 2 2
Variable; based on time
2 min 2 min 2 min 2 min 2 min
Energy System Development
Position Based Sprints
10 min
Cool Down and Stretch
Core 4 Stretches
5 min

I have said it a few times and it bears repeating, this is completely comprehensive. There is no work to be done other than put it in action and watch your kids do this work.  

I know I will work closely to the nearest youth football program to put this into effect, and even try to carry it on in our offseason workouts with the high school team. 

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