Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finally....Defense!! Some defensive ideas and Al Golden "Utilizing Safeties to Stop the Run"

After 21 posts, I finally get to do one on defense and its a great way to start with some notes from Al Golden's Nike AC Clinic on "Utilizing the Safeties to Stop the Run".  

First to start off with some a quick defensive thoughts:

1 Mistake on Offense= 2nd Down
2 Mistakes on Offense= 3rd Down
3 Mistakes on Offense= Punt
1 Mistake on Defense= 6pts!!!

This is the stress of a defensive coordinator. 


The following are the "Snake" Blitzes

Snake=Strong Safety Blitz
Sloop=Flat Defender

Other notes:

  • Seam always plays #2 inside out
  • Corners must always be ready to crack replace
  • If your $ is getting cracked on the way in they check "Cobra" and have the corner run the blitz, play cloud force, and roll $ down to hard corner. 

Against 10,12, and 22 personnel he is going to use "2 sloop" a form of cover 2 as the coverage behind the pressure. 

Against 21 personnel he uses "Cover 9"  basically a Fire Zone concept coverage

There is also the option of bringing the Free Safety from the weakside. Behind it, he plays a combo coverage with "Cover 2" to the pressure side and a man concept to the strong side of the formation. A free safety blitz is called Flash. So this play is Over Flash Combo in the style of Front/Blitz/Coverage.  

Note for the Free:  The Free in pressure always follows the stick player and plays off his butt. 

I love this last pressure, especially against a team that likes to run weak out of this formation. I'm not always crazy about end/"elmo" force, but here it seems as if it would work fine. 

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