Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rich Rodriguez- Louisville Nike Clinic Notes

Rich Rodriguez- University of Arizona

“Keys to a Successful Offense”

1)      Do not have just a set of plays, but a system
2)      Have answers to problems, coverages, fronts (2-3 answers for each)
3)      Have them available to be quickly decided upon and executed
3a) Along with his standard playsheet, he has a sheet that lists all possible “problems” and “answers”
4)      Make conditioning a factor. A plus for you and a negative for them
5)      Have your players get comfortable being uncomfortable
5a) Uncomfortable for coaches too
5b) Plays are not scripted so coaches need to react
5c) Coaches also have headsets on for many practices so they can practice
6)      Dictate the Tempo of the game….the whole game
7)      Coaches should have an across the board clear understanding of how you want to attack specific situations
8)      Run and Throw to where the numbers are in your favor
9)      Practice the executions of plays at a faster pace than in the game
10)   Always be aware of game situations and practice them (d/d, field zone, etc.)


1)      Make the defense defend the whole field…110 x 53 1/3
2)      Offense has 2 distinct advantages
2a) Know where you are going
2b) Know when you are going
2c) Defense has one advantage (they can move pre-snap)
3)      Ability to Execute = Appear complicated but be simple
4)      Get good at the base answers to defenses you will see
5)      Its ok to have tendencies- just know what they are and how to adjust when the defense figures them out.
6)      Have an answer sheet for every situation with familiar answers for players and coaches


1)      Shotgun
a)      Shotgun is the new “Pro-Style”
b)      Get used to throwing without the laces
c)      Practice with a wet ball once a week
d)     Gives the QB better vision
e)      Gives QB time and space to react to unblocked defenders
f)       Adds a number to the run game
2)      Trick Plays
a)      Ok, but don’t waste more than 5 minutes a week practicing them
b)      Better if related to your best play (Double Moves, Reverses, etc.)
c)      If you can’t run it well in practice don’t run it!!
3)      Situations
a)      Critical Times- Think players as well as plays (Saban Said Same Thing)
b)      Get first downs if you want to control the tempo (Number of 1st downs most important stat at the end of the game)
c)      Don’t force things- Take what the defense gives you- EVEN ON 3rd DOWN
4)      Run Philosophy
a)      Run with the Numbers
b)      Run where you have best blocking angles
c)      Run to Grass

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