Friday, February 22, 2013

Combo Plays/ Neal Brown- Air Raid Offense Clinic Notes

Air Raid Offense/Combo Plays

The following article is a combination of notes on Neal Brown's (OC- University of Kentucky) Louisville Nike Clinic + Additional Combo Plays

University of Kentucky Offense
- Fast/Hard/Physical
- Fast Paced No Huddle (Aim for 10 Secs. between plays)
- Throw to set up Run
- Get Playmakers ball in space
- Attack the entire field
University of Kentucky Plays

Play 67

Rules for 67:

A- Check Protection/ Checkdown/ Find Window
X- 6 yd Read Route (Soft=Hitch, Tight=In)
Y- 10 yd Dig
Z- 6 yd Read
H- 4 yd Read
QB- 1 Step Drop

Pre Snap= Backside (Take a 1on1 matchup)
Post Snap= Nickel Defender


Play 98
Rules for 98:
A- Check/Swing
X- Skinny, Post at 7 Steps
Y- Seam
H- Pivot Route
Z- Banana Route
QB- 3 Step Drop

Pre Snap= FS Backside- If he comes down read 1 to 2 backside
Post Snap= FS Backside- If he drops middle (Cvr 3) read 1 to 2 backside
                                        If he gets width (Cvr 2) or comes down (Invert 2) Read the Frontside


Combo Draw/68
Y- Stick
H- 4 Step Out Route
Z- Go Route
X- Stalk Block (or tagged route)
A- Take steps to get over top of ball on possible handoff
QB- Eyes to Stick Route, Throw it or Hand it
C- Down Block
BSG- Slow Fold
All Other OL- Pass set, drive out

Presnap- Z 1on1= Throw it
Post Snap- Read Hook/Curl Backer OR Just look at Stick Route
                  Stick Is Open=Throw it
                  Stick Covered= Hand the ball

Combo Zone Left/63 Right
X- Stalk
H- Crack or Dig out
OL- Zone Rules Left
A- Zone Steps- Get body over ball
Y- 3 Step out route
Z- Go Route
QB- Read out, throw without laces, get the ball out, read flat defender
        If you dont have out, give the zone, carry out fake

Pre Snap: If Z is 1on1 take it
Post Snap: Read Flat Defender OR Is out open?
                 If covered give zone

*************PLAY CAN ALSO BE RUN AS ZONE READ*******

 Additional Combo Plays

After seeing Coach Brown's clinic, and seeing the concept of combo plays, I did more research to find additional combo plays. We as a team, and me as a DC, worked hard this past offseason to install what we called Cover 6, basically a pattern read 2 or 4 coverage.  We felt that this put us in the best position to defend concept routes that were consistently beating us and becoming the basis for many offenses in New Jersey. I felt that as a defense, this gave us the upperhand once again, as there wasnt anything they were running against us that we could not defend with the right reads. I feel like combo plays such as these now give the offense back the advantage in the offense/defense chess match.

The following plays I got from several different places during research. I am not sure what came from where, so in order to give the proper credit, I am listing the sites with links here:, Smart football, and Spread Football

Same reads as  UK's Combo Zone/Out


Same Reads as Combo Stick/Draw

OL- 2 count, Block Screen
Y- Run Stick
H- 4 Step Out
Z- Go
X- Fake Post, Block Safety
A- Pass Pro Fake, Set Up for Screen
QB- 3 Step=Stick/5 Step=Screen

Pre Snap- Z 1on1 Take it
Post Snap- Stick Open, Throw It,
                  Covered take two more steps and throw screen

OL- Pass Block
BSOT- Seal Block for Bubble
Z- Go
Y- Stick
A- Flat
H- Block Bubble
X- Bubble Route

Pre Snap- Z is 1on1 take it
Post Snap- Look Y, if open throw it, if not throw bubble

Outside Zone-Stretch/Snag
Y- Flag
Z- Snag
H- Flat
X- Block OZ
OL- Block OZ

Read the Curl/Flat Linebacker for the snag route. Covered give the outside zone.

Those are the combo plays that I have so far. I know the next evolution are plays that combine 3 concepts at a time. Ole Miss ran one such play all the way down the field during their bowl game. I believe it was bubble/zone/quick screen but I am not sure as I am trying to find film on it.

I would love to see what other combo plays are out there. Feel free to comment if you have any, or if you have film on the Ole Miss bowl game that we can exchange.