Thursday, March 14, 2013

Combine Prep- 40, L Drill, and Shuttle Run

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, "40 Starts", I work in the offseason with a combine trainging program. W.A.R. Football strives to help athletes get better in the offseason at a low cost. We do plenty of plyometric training, as well as the technique and fundamentals for the basics of the combine.  We work on the 40, L Drill, Shuttle, Broad Jump, Vertical Jump. 

We strive to take time off of players scores, and one of the best way to do that is to increase technique. Below is some of the concepts that we use, with some good youtube video to show what it looks like:

SHUTTLE:  We teach the start of the shuttle should be similar to a baseball player stealing a base. In the beginning of the video below, you will see the techniques taught to baseball players, especially the steps.

Here is some video of the best base stealer ever doing the same (I have been a Rickey Fan since age 5 so this is somewhat selfserving.

40 YARD DASH:  In a previous post, I shared a piece written by our Special Teams Coordinator/Track Coach on starts for the 40.  Here I have included some video, posted by a good friend of mine, Ryan Burgess (Football Strength Coach for FQ10), on how to use a fall drill to get the fastest possible start. Also here is a video on acceleration.

L Drill:  Lastly, we want to take what we saw in the previous post (fall drill) and use that for our starts in the L Drill. One problem many of our athletes have is the rounding of the first and last cone, the actual L Turn of the drill.  Here I like to use the toe point often used by Defensive Ends to change their direction from vertical to horizontal.

Its in this video, with some other great Pass Rush points (2 for 1 video!)

From X and O Labs

And this is a great way to practice it

Now combine the L Drill with the Hoop Drill!!


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