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Nick Saban Nike Clinic Notes- Corrected Version

 Nick Saban Nike Louisville Nike 2013 
What you do is important (as a coach):
-          Important for impact on players
-          Important for impact on the community
Everything you do is affecting someone, somewhere.     
Alabama’s Success and the “Process”
-          Have to have a foolproof systematic approach to what you do
-          1998, stopped talking about winning and instead focused on the “process”
-          Live in a results oriented society that puts additional pressure on players
-          Talk to players about a process they can relate to in order for them to be all they can be and not worry about winning and losing a game
-          Players should worry about effort, toughness, ability to execute, competition one play at a time without looking at the scoreboard
-          Don’t talk about winning championships, talk about being a champion
-          The other team is not the competition, they are a variable, the competition is to be all they can be
-          Players believe what they do will affect  the outcome of the game
-          Alabama strives to be a physically dominant team
-          You cannot dominate a team until the seventieth play of the game. You need to be doing something else the first 69 plays.  Keep a mindset to go towards that 70th play
-          You win with the right kind of people. Get the right people on the bus in the right seats, and the wrong people off the bus.
-          He and staff named “wrong guys” the week before, they happened to be the ones arrested.
-          The guy that won’t run down the field hard on scout coverage team is the same that will bring trouble to the team.

Pyramid of Success (from Wooden):

“Mediocre people don’t like high achievers and high achievers don’t like mediocre people. Don’t let this dynamic coexist on your team.” Saban
-          The fountainbleu in Miami is the worst place to ever get your team ready for a game.
-          If your guys screw up send them home on the greyhound, not first class
-          Have a standard of excellence.
Setting Goals:
-Goals are not stats!! Stats are results!!
-Being an efficient route runner or technical blocker is a goal
- Expect achieving goals to be extremely difficult, then when it does become difficult, it will only be a speed bump and not a goal ender.
- Be positive about what you want to accomplish

If you have clearly defined expectations and an established standard then accountability is on the players.
Be a champion every day, not strive to win a championship.

Players Today:
-          Be careful what knowledge your players consume
-          Don’t suppose that they have positive role models or any at all.
-          Be a positive role model to them
-          Instant expectations set players up for failure (A Five Star Guy isn’t a five star guy first day of frosh year)

“Dumb players do dumb things, Smart Players seldom do dumb things, Which are you? – Parcells
Football- 3rd and Short Coverages
Play Press Man most of the time, especially in 3rd and Short situations.
Importance of knowing the difference between in phase and out of phase, and the difference in technique between the two.
3rd and 5 playing soft zone is stupid, you will get beat for a first down.
Bump and run gives a 50-50 chance of making a play on the ball
Get the second step on the ground quick (Coaches the kick slide instead of the false step)
Stay square on the second step. Do not squat feet on move. Keep shoulders over toes.
One hand jam on middle of the field coverage.  Two hand jam will get you beat if he WR rips outside of you.
If you have someone over the top of you two hand jam is fine.
Jam him with the off hand of the direction he releases.
Teaches speed turn (baseball turn) on double move.

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