Friday, August 16, 2013

Coach Brohm QB Fundys Clinic Notes- Nike Louisville

Coach Jeff Brohm- Offensive Coordinator- Western Kentucky 

QB Fundamentals

Most Important Qualities in a QB
• Decision Making Ability
• Accuracy Throwing
• Leadership
• Toughness

4 Questions to ask your QB
1) Are you the first one on the field?
2) Are you the last one off the field?
3) Do you know everyone’s assignment?
4) Are you willing to face criticism?

Drills for QBs
1) Center-QB Exchange- Coach calls out play, QB center go through cadence and first step
2) Warm up progression
• Bull Pen- Comfort Toss (overexaggerate follow through)
• Feet apart hip throw
• Face Right and throw
• Face Left and throw
• Right knee/Both knees/Left Knee
• High Release (simulate a dump or screen)
• Fade and Throw (fading away)
• Step through early
• One foot stagger, throw with hips
• Long toss
• Hard Toss

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