Monday, March 4, 2013

10 Ways You Wish You Used HUDL- AC Nike Clinic

10 Ways You Wish Used HUDL- AC Nike
1)   Create Custom Columns
How Coach Everett from VA uses this:
a)    Star Player (show player in certain formations, etc)
b)   P & 10 (1st Down of Series)
c)    Strength to Boundary
d)   Types of Motion
         **You can change these columns in the “manage breakdown
              data” section
2)   Film Drills with Mobile Capture
How Coach Mike Nobler from NE uses this:
a)    Review drill instantly after it happens
b)   Upload direct from mobile device through app
3)   Apple TV and Airserver
a)    Use Iphone as remote
4)   Use Voice Notes and Walkthroughs
a)    Add Voice Notes
Pause>Record>Record Voice
b)   Walkthroughs> Record same way, check box
5)   Using Presentations for Scouting Reports
a)    Goals
b)   Slides
c)    Report Screen Shots
6)   Teach Offense with HUDL Presentations
-         Use presentation to show offensive hand signals
7)   Back and Forth
a)    Use tabs on IE to go back and forth between
Your Practice Film/Opponent Scout Film
(Can also create single cutup of the two)
8)   Make the Most of Highlight Films
Awesome Highlights=Money for Team
a)    Activate Fundraising
b)   DVD Purchase= Percent to Team
c)    Pick a Top Play for HUDL Network
9)   Create a Pump Up Video Each Week
a)    Use HUDL’s Premium Highlight
b)   Add Music, Pictures, etc.
c)    Cut out unnecessary video
10 ) Use End of Season Analysis
a)    Use for Self Scout
b)   Off Season Planning
c)    Divide by conference, out of division, playoffs



  1. Hey Coach Bird,

    Here is the online version of the presentation with the videos:
    Let me know if you have any questions about it. Thanks for posting.


  2. Add this to the list - create scout cards on the iPad