Thursday, February 28, 2013

Chris Petersen Clinic Notes- Nike Atlantic City

Chris Petersen- Boise State

Total Focus On These Things
    1)      Recruiting
2)      Teaching
3)      Connnecting

Recruit, Teach, Connect Every Damn Day!

Coaching Objectives

1)      Add Value to Players Lives
a)      Education, Motivation, Experiences, Discipline, High Standards
b)      “The Best Version” and “A Real Man” by Matthew Kelly *Suggested Reads
c)      Connect, Touch their Heart, Life Long Bonds
2)      Build Self Esteem
a)      Compassionate Interaction
b)      Make them feel good about themselves- let them see improvement
c)      They are special, let them know others cant do what they are
3)      Enjoy the process
a)      Sports are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated. Perspective, Laugh, Smile
b)      Appreciate the opportunity, even though it is hard
c)      Support your brother

Your Players Need To Know This

1)      That you like them! You care about them and you are trying to help them
2)      They are important to this program and have some ownership
3)      You know your stuff (without the ego!)

The Code of the Blue

1)      Great teams are built through deliberate practice
a)      Up Tempo
b)      Clear Concise Feedback
c)      Self Evaluation
d)     Mentally Demanding
2)      Maximize your bell cows, but get everyone involved
a)      Getting everyone involved will get you a hard rep
3)      Energy and Enthusiasm are almighty
4)      Recruits will tell you who they are, believe them
5)      Trust and Respect are earned, not given
6)      Demand intense effort
7)      Smile, Laugh, and Be Positive
8)      Grooved Calls and Grooved Players- Get the players in a groove
9)      Poise
10)  Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
11)  Win them Over or Weed them Out
12)  A great meeting is as important as a great practice (Preperation)
13)  Leave this place BETTER than you found it

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